Why Teeth Whitening Has Become so Popular

People are concerned nowadays about the appearance of their teeth. They are conscious on the way they present themselves in front of other people especially when they smile. For this reason, they’re looking for different methods to whiten their teeth. Now, teeth whitener is readily available in the market at a reasonable price. Aside from [...]

Service Generator

Ben Markham, a BYU alumnus who served as an LDS missionary in Ghana discovered a serious problem: as many as 10,000 schools operate without any electricity. So, he collaborated with the BYU School of Engineering and Technology and created a design-based solution. Using existing and affordable parts, he and the students constructed a merry-go-round that [...]

Can Beauty Transcend Context?

A Washington Post article entitled Pearls Before Breakfast begs the question, “Will beauty transcend context?” and sets up an experiment that answers with a definite “No!”. Basically, WP set up an experiment in a Washington DC metro station to find out if people passing through would stop to listen to a world-class violinist (Joshua Bell) [...]